Direct from the author of the popular "Social Q's" column in The New York Times —a comedy of manners that strives to answer what exactly passes for good behavior in a world buzzing with tweets, twits, OMGs, WTFs, White House party crashers, fame monsters, and Facebook bullies.

Since its debut in June of 2008, Philip Galanes's "Social Q's" column has been a fixture in The New York Times and has quickly become one of its most popular features. In addition to his weekly column, Philip appears monthly on the Today show to dish with Kathie Lee and Hoda and dispense advice to the many Americans who need help navigating the murky moral waters of these modern times. Now, in Social Q's, Philip collects his etiquette tips for a Mr. Manners-type guide that would make Emily Post dizzy.

Using a series of witty, briskly paced and hilarious essays, Philip Galanes considers a host of awkward, everyday situations…from texting on the bus to splitting the dinner check—and guides readers to a light-hearted awareness of how they behave…and misbehave. Sharp but never biting, smart without scolding, Social Q's gives modern-day etiquette the helpful and entertaining shot in the arm it needs.

"I love Philip Galanes' New York Times column! And the book is a must! Social Q's is a beacon of light in the foggy haze of today's world."

-Jessica Seinfeld

"Philip Galanes has made a name for himself as a weekly columnist doling out important advice on social etiquette and now has collected all this wisdom in one terrific book called Social Q's. But all this leaves me to wonder what an expert on social etiquette was thinking when he asked a busy woman in the throes of redecorating her apartment to take valuable time away from her rabbit to write a book blurb?"

-Amy Sedaris

"Philip knows his way around an awkward situation—but enough about us!"

-Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb

"Social Q's is a hilarious set of solutions to all the problems we're lucky to have. A must-read survival guide."

-Christian Landers, author of Stuff White People Like

"SOCIAL Q'S by Philip Galanes is the one book you need to help guide you through some of life's toughest social challenges! It's smart, funny, and incredibly practical."

-Peter Walsh, New York Times bestselling author of Lighten Up and It's All Too Much

"Life in the 21st century is one rude awakening after another. But now we have Philip Galanes' SOCIAL Q'S to the rescue—very smart, very funny advice for sidestepping any etiquette A-bomb."

-Kendall Farr, author of The Pocket Stylist and Style Evolution

"Zesty, zingy, zippy, zany. Everything I want to say about the funny and very talented Philip Galanes starts with the letter z. He and SOCIAL Q'S are truly zonderful."

-Henry Alford, humorist and author of How to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They Are Still On This Earth)

"Consider SOCIAL Q's your funny, wise and indispensable guide for honing, improving and finessing YOU—your own special creation!"

-George Wayne, Contributing Editor Vanity Fair

"The New York Times advice-meister plumbs problems with verve and attitude in an almost interactive way. SOCIAL Q'S touches all the bases (including new ones, like social media) with a light-hearted, entertaining approach. Philip Galanes could easily be the love child of Emily Post and David Sedaris."

-Margo Howard, "Dear Margo" advice columnist (formerly known as "Dear Prudence") for Creators Syndicate and

"A far stretch from regular advice on etiquette, but instead a witty read that really does give good tips on the quirks, quandaries and quagmires of today. Often laugh out loud funny. Need lighthearted advice about awkward social situations? Read this book!"

-" The Book Garden" Review (Link to full review)